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The works of the Bogota-Girardot Third Lane Private Initiative Project include, among others, the rehabilitation of the two-lane road, for an approximate length of 145 km, the third-lane expansion from the Chinauta turnpike to Sibaté in both ways, and the third-lane expansion from the Boquerón sector to the Chinauta turnpike, on  the Girardot- Bogota road, left lane, as well as land, social and environmental management, and movement of networks.

It also includes the rehabilitation of the Guillermo León Valencia tunnel, the improvement of footbridges located on the corridor, the construction of roundabouts and the extension and construction of vehicle bridges.

This project will benefit nearly one million people from the municipalities of Soacha, Silvania, Granada, Fusagasugá, Melgar, Ricaurte and Girardot, as well as the users who transit this sector on a daily basis. It will also help the country’s capital to have a more fluid traffic in the exit to Girardot, and it will provide a faster connection between Bogota and the port of Buenaventura, the most important port of the Colombian Pacific coast.

The benefits will also be seen in the reduction of travel times, the decrease of operating costs related to public transportation, strengthening tourism, economic development of the zone of influence, decongestion for Bogota, generation of employment and road safety.

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Our Project has an estimated term of 1 year of Preconstruction. This stage, which includes the financial closing of the project; the work plan; land, social and environmental management; as well as the routine operation and maintenance, work plan and financial closing of the project.

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In this phase, we will continue with the improvement and rehabilitation of the current road along with routine road operation and maintenance.

We will also start construction of the Third Lane, new tunnels and bridges.

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Includes the Operation and maintenance of the Road Corridos. Operation of the toll booths and user assistance services for nearly 30 years


Beneficios 03

Million Colombians Benefitted for year 2022

Beneficios 06

Improvement of road design, particulary on the existing road at the Nariz del Diablo sector (Melgar)

Beneficios 08

Permanent road maintenance that will allow us to improve the safety and comfort levels for the users.

Beneficios 14

of the time salved in the journey along the Road Corridor compared to the current situation.

Beneficios 17

It will promote the economic and social development of the current population of the influence zone. With the Third Line, the flow of travelers and transporters along the road will increase.