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Dear supplier,

Remember that pursuant to Decree 2242 of 2015, which regulates electronic invoicing, all the suppliers of Vía 40 Express must submit their invoices and debit and credit notes electronically. Keep in mind the following recommendations:

  1. In the case of service providers, make sure you have filled in the Minutes of Progress with the supervisor on a timely manner.
  2. Identify the company name and TIN to which you must issue the invoice (whether it is Vía 40 Express or Patrimonio Autónomo). You can do this by thoroughly checking your purchase order, service order or contract:
  • For invoicing Vía 40 Express S.A.S – TIN 901.009.478-6, email the electronic invoice to
  • For invoicing PATRIMONIOS AUTÓNOMOS FIDUCIARIA BANCOLOMBIA – Vía 40 Express – TIN 830.054.539-0, email the electronic invoice to

In both cases do not forget to attach:

  • Electronic invoice in XML format.
  • Graphic representation in PDF.
  • ZIP files containing supporting documents:
  • or    Invoice Value Distribution Chart

or    Only for the case of procurement, the remission approved by the store.

  1. Invoice amounts must not have decimals.
  2. The aforementioned documents (Minutes of Progress, Invoice Value Distribution Chart, among other documents you may want to view) are available in the following link