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General Objective:

To encourage assertive and effective relationships between the stakeholders located in the area of influence of the project and  Vía 40 Express.

Specific Objectives:

  1. To strengthen communication channels that generate a sense of belonging towards the project.
  2. To foster spaces of education aimed at the employees and the community of the area of influence of the project.
  3. To create jobs and hire skilled and unskilled labor from the communities surrounding the project.
  4. To create spaces of participation for all the social stakeholders interacting with the project.
  5. To provide timely assistance to the community’s concerns.
  6. To implement social management measures that allow us to control the impacts caused by the project.
  7. To encourage respect for the uses and customs of the communities surrounding the project.

The social aspect consists of nine programs that are articulately and integrally managed in order to engage the communities within the framework of Corporate Social Responsibility.

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Customer Service

To create and/or maintain an assistance system throughout the stages of the project allowing us to timely and effectively receive, respond to and process Requests, Complaints and Claims (PQRS) submitted by the communities and institutions about the changes generated by the execution of the project. To give timely response to the situations with neighbors, positioning and consolidating an institutional image that generates recognition and trust among the users.

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Educating and Training the Personnel Involved in the Project

To train the personnel involved in all areas of the project, on matters related to environmental and social management measures of the project.

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To encourage hiring personnel from the area of direct influence of the project. To contribute to improving the life conditions of the people in the zone by hiring staff for the execution of the works.

Geraldine Esteban Yeimy AlemanDSCF6962 1
Community Information and Participation

To inform and socialize our project within the communities surrounding the road corridor, so that they can embrace and get involved in the work plan, through informative posts, local, regional  and national media, among others.

apoyo a la capacidad de gestion
Supporting Institutional Management Capacity

To identify public and private institutions that may contribute to the development of productive initiatives and/or processes for the communities in the area of direct influence. To train officials from municipal authorities on matters related to the Concession. To train and raise awareness among municipal authorities and communities of the area of direct or indirect influence of the project, on regulations regarding public space.

IECobos CineForo manejo residu 13
Training, Educating and Raising Awareness among the Community Surrounding the Project

To educate and raise awareness among the communities surrounding the project on matters that contribute to preserving and improving the environment, relationships with the different social stakeholders, their interaction with the project, and encouraging social control in the execution of the works.

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Preventive Archeology

To protect the archeological, paleontological and ethnohistoric heritage, and the cultural and religious assets of the nation found in the area of direct influence of the project.

Seguridad vial
Road Culture

To inform, persuade, train, raise awareness and encourage proper behavior regarding the use of the infrastructure, and guide the users of the road on the perception, recognition and management of risks when using the roads.

acompanamiento a la gestion sociopredial
Supporting Social and Land Management

To provide social support during the adaptation and appropriation process of the new homes, or development of the productive activity, trying to maintain and/or improve the life quality conditions of the social groups whose properties are required by the project.

For Vía 40 Express, more than doing construction works and operating the infrastructure of which the Concession is in charge, it is very important to develop programs and actions to improve the life quality of neighboring communities. This is why in 2018 and 2019 we carried out different activities that are shown in the following graph.

    Huella social via 40 express 1380x1536 1

As part of Vía 40 Express’s Environmental Policy, we carry out projects with the purpose of encouraging environmental protection and preservation. Likewise, we work on the continuous improvement of the surroundings of the people who live in the area of direct influence of the project. The following graph shows the most outstanding environmental actions between 2018 and 2019.

Huella ambiental via 40 express

Vía 40 Express promotes integral waste management through training programs within the Concession. In collaboration with the AlasCinco Foundation, located in the area of influence of the project, we collect, transport and recycle waste, and we help feed 50 children from displaced families and contribute to the protection of the environment. We also provide support to the student population of the area of direct influence with training programs on Integral Solid Waste Management, during the constructive stage.

programa cultural sobre residuos solidos 1 1
Integral Solid Waste Management Culture

To provide support to the student population of the area of direct influence with training programs on Integral Solid Waste Management during the constructive stage.

Via40 Programas sociales y sostenibilidad ambiental 29
Emissions to the Air and Air Quality

During the constructive phase, Vía 40 Express will implement pedagogic methods like training programs within the organization, approaching topics that contribute to preserving the ozone layer, as well as minimizing and reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

Via40 Programas sociales y sostenibilidad ambiental 34
Raising Environmental Awareness in Educational Institutions

To support environmental education activities arranged by Educational Centers of the area of influence of the project regarding socioenvironmental topics during the constructive stage of the project

Via40 Programas sociales y sostenibilidad ambiental 35
Reasonable Water Consumption

To raise environmental awareness among the employees of the Concessionaire through training programs and environmental campaigns aiming at the preservation and protection of natural resources, specifically during the constructive phase of the project.