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VÍA 40 EXPRESS completed the works between Soacha and Sibaté, corresponding to Functional Unit 8

In the month of June, and according to schedule, the Concessionaire VÍA 40 EXPRESS completed the verification process of the works between La Despensa footbridge in Soacha and El Muña in Sibaté, which are part of Functional Unit 8 del Bogota-Girardot Third Lane project. In addition, during the following months, the works were reviewed by the Auditor and the necessary steps were taken for the formal delivery of this Functional Unit to the National Infrastructure Agency (ANI).

The Works in this Functional Unit included the rehabilitation of approximately 11 km of the existing lanes between La Despensa (Soacha) and El Muña (Sibaté), on both sides of the road; the construction of the Sibaté vehicle access bridge, 2 km of third lane between Sibaté and El Muña viaduct, two footbridges and 1,5 km of bike lane, which works represented a real challenge, especially regarding mobility, due to the high vehicle flow circulating in this sector.

This Project improves the mobility and safety of more than 100.000 users who move along this sector on a daily basis. Moreover, these works were possible thanks to the work of more than 1.500 people from which 370 were from Soacha and Sibaté.

It is also worth highlighting that these works were done with the highest safety standards, which translates into zero serious accidents involving our workers, despite the challenge of executing the works on a functional road. Additionally, in order to mitigate the impact on mobility in the sectors with the highest traffic, the Concession worked overnight and, in some sectors, works were even done 24 hours a day to finish the rehabilitation quickly, as the case of La Despensa sector in Soacha. Finally, VÍA 40 EXPRESS carried out top-level urbanism and landscaping works in Sibaté and Soacha.

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