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Below, you will find frequently asked questions made by users and our answers, which will allow you to solve any doubts you may have about the Bogota-Girardot Third Lane project developed by our Concession Vía 40 Express.

We are the new Concession (Vía 40 Express) in charge of the Bogota-Girardot road corridor, made up by two companies (VINCI Highways and CONCONCRETO), who have the financial and technical capacity, as well as the necessary experience to develop our Bogota-Girardot Third Lane project.

Our Concessionaire Vía 40 Express is a Private initiative in charge of the rehabilitation of the current Bogota-Girardot two-lane road, which has an approximate length of 145 km. We will also carry out the studies, designs, construction, operation, maintenance, land, social and environmental management including the construction of nearly 65 km of a Third lane from the entrance of the Sumapaz Tunnel in Melgar to the Sibaté intersection. Our project will have an estimated investment of 5.28 billion pesos.

In this Project of our Concessionaire Vía 40 Express, we have an estimated time of one year for the Preconstruction processes, and five years for the construction works, as well as the operation and maintenance of the 145 km for about 30 years.

We have executed the works in Functional Unit 8, between La Despensa in Soacha and El Muña in Sibaté, which include the construction of the Sibaté vehicle access bridge, the rehabilitation of 11 km of road between Soacha and Sibaté on both sides of the road, the construction of 2 km of third lane between Sibaté and El Muña, 1,5 km of bike lane from the Campos de Cristo Cemetery to the Eternit sector, 2 footbridges, sidewalks and walkways.

Call our Emergency Assistance Lines 310 4 22 46 87 – 311 7 87 23 39 or 311 7 90 31 87. Additionally, thanks to the permanent monitoring of the road, through our Road Inspectors, we can identify whether a user requires the services of: Mobile mechanic, Tow Truck or Ambulance during their journey along the Bogota-Girardot road. Thanks to our assistance services, we are available to the users 24/7.

Calling our Emergency Assistance Lines (310 4 22 46 87 – 311 7 87 23 39 or 311 7 90 31 87), the users of the road may have access to our assistance services 24/7 including: Ambulances (duly equipped with medical devices and specialized medical staff), Tow Trucks and Low Beds (duly equipped and operated by qualified personnel), Mobile Mechanic and Rescue Units.

The Bogota – Girardot road has 2 turnpikes: Chusacá turnpike in Sibaté and Chinauta turnpike. To know the toll rates of each, according to the category of your vehicle, click here


You can contact us through the following channels: • Email: • Emergency lines to request Tow Trucks, Ambulances or Mobile Mechanics: 310 4 22 46 87 – 311 7 87 23 39 – 311 7 90 31 87. • Customer Service Offices make enquires about the Project or submit PQRS: Carrera 27 No. 21-36, Fusagasugá – 310 4169000 or Mobile Customer Service Office 1: Between Girardot and Chinauta turnpike: 310 4 64 28 46. or Mobile Customer Service Office 2: Between Fusagasugá and Soacha: 310 4 64 71 17.

We are available to respond to your Petitions, Complaints, Claims and Requests (PQRS) at the following email: and or at the Fixed or Mobile Customer Service Offices; you can also click here.


You can email your CV to or click here, so that your CV can be included in our database.

We are currently carrying out the Land Procurement Plan and developing the Detailed Studies, which will specifically identify the areas and properties required for the execution of the project. Once we have identified them, we will proceed with the procurement of the land according to the procedure established by the current law. For more information you can visit our Customer Service Offices: • Mobile Customer Service Office 1: Between Girardot and Chinauta turnpike (310 4 64 28 46). • Mobile Customer Service Office 2: Between Fusagasugá and Soacha (310 4 64 71 17).

As part of our Social Responsibility and according to the Concession Agreement, Vía 40 Express will develop 9 social programs aimed at the neighbors and users of the road corridor: a. Customer Service; b. Education and Training for the Personnel Involved in the Project; c. Labor Hiring; d. Community Information and Participation; e. Institutional Management Capacity Support; f. Training, Education and Awareness of the Surrounding Communities; g. Preventive Archeology; h. Road Culture; i. Social and Land management Support. For further information about the programs, click here.

According to the scope set forth in the Concession Agreement, we are going to build approximately 65 km of Third Lane on the road between the entrance of Sumapaz Tunnel in Melgar and the Sibaté intersection. It is important to note that there are 10 km in Functional Unit 3 (Alto de Canecas) on the Bogota-Girardot road, that is not going to have a Third Lane in accordance with the Concession Agreement.

Calling #767 or @numeral767 of INVIAS, or on our social media pages you may find a daily report on the status of the road and updates. • Facebook: @VIA40EXPRESS • Twitter: @Via40Express • Instagram: @via40express