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Vía 40 Express is in charge of the Bogota-Girardot Third Lane Private Initiative Project that establishes the construction, land, social and environmental management, and movement of networks. The works include, among other things, the rehabilitation of the two-lane road, for an approximate length of 145 km, the third-lane expansion from the Chinauta turnpike to Sibaté in both ways, and the third-lane expansion from the Boquerón sector to the Chinauta turnpike, on  the Girardot- Bogota road, left lane.

It also includes the rehabilitation of the Guillermo León Valencia tunnel, the adaptation of pedestrian bridges located over the corridor, the construction of roundabouts and the expansion and construction of vehicular bridges.

Our Concession was born from the strategic alliance between Constructora Conconcreto, with a track record and solidity of nearly 60 years in the development of large infrastructure projects in Colombia, and VINCI Highways, a subsidiary of VINCI Concessions, one of the main highway concessionaires. of the world.

Through VINCI Highways’ integrated model, innovative road infrastructure and solutions and toll collection are designed, financed, built and operated together with local partners in 14 countries. The VINCI Highways network covers 3,459 km worldwide, including 3,654 km of total network in operation or under construction as of December 31, 2018 and serves 2 million customers per day with the best quality and safety standards.

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Corporate Governance Policies

ico mision1

To meet the needs of the Users, respecting the Communities and other Stakeholders to guarantee an excellent service and safe transit.

ico vision1

To be recognized as the referent of a safe, sustainable and high-standard road, exceeding the expectations of the users and stakeholders.

ico mision1
  • Respect
  • Commitment
  • Ethics
  • Sinergy
Physical Scope of the Project

Physical Scope of the Project

The development of the Project is planned for an approximate length of 145 kilometers, starting at PR0+000 in the city of Girardot, which is located on the limit with the town of Flandes and grows towards Bogota city. The works under this Concession consist of the execution of constructive works divided into eight (8) constructive Functional Units and one (1) Operation & maintenance Functional Unit – FU 0.

Composition of the Administrative Bodies

The Company has a General Meeting of Shareholders, a Board of Directors, and a General Manager of the Company, who will be the Legal Representative. The composition of these bodies is presented below.

Composition of the Administrative Bodies

Biannual Management Reports

The Manager of the Company shall submit to the General Meeting of Shareholders and the Board of Directors, the biannual reports on the performance of its main bodies and the changes in the corporate strategy. The Board of Directors may approve or disapprove the reports submitted.

Information about possible conflicts of interest

Information about possible conflicts of interest

The members of the Board of Directors, Administrators, representatives and employees of the Company are in a conflict of interest situation when they must make a decision, carry out or omit an action in the performance of their functions, having the possibility to choose between the interest of the Company, a relevant client, user or supplier, and their own interest or the interest of a third party, in such a way that choosing one or any of the two latter interests, they would obtain a pecuniary or noneconomic benefit that they would not receive otherwise, going against their legal, statutory, contractual and ethical duties.

The members of the Board of Directors and the main executives have the statutory obligation to inform the Board of Directors of the relationships among them, with the Company, with suppliers, with clients, or with any other stakeholders, from which conflict of interest situations may arise, or which may influence the direction of their opinion or vote.

The Company’s Ad shall also abstain from taking part, directly or through an intermediary, for their own benefit or the benefit of third parties, in activities that imply competing with the Company or in acts regarding which there is a conflict of interest, except with express authorization of the General Meeting of Shareholders. In these cases, they shall provide the General Meeting of Shareholders with all the relevant information to make the decision. The cote of the conflicted member shall be excluded from this decision. However, this authorization may only be granted by the General Meeting of Shareholders when the act does not have an adverse effect on the Company’s interests.

In the case of members of the Management Team, the matter shall be submitted to consideration and decision of the Board of Directors. For other employees of the Company, the matter shall be informed to the corresponding supervisor, according to the Company’s organizational structure.

In case of potential conflicts, the employees or directors shall:

  • Abstain from intervening directly or indirectly in the activities or decisions related to the corporate determinations regarding the conflict.
  • Abstain from taking part, directly or through an intermediary, for their own benefit or the benefit of third parties, in activities that imply competing with the Company, except with express authorization form the competent body under the terms mentioned above.
  • Abstain from taking part in activities that go against the interests of the Company or that adversely affect the performance of their duties or responsibilities.
  • Not take advantage of their position to obtain benefits for them or for third parties.

Specialized Audits

The shareholders may arrange, at their own expense and responsibility, the performance of specialized technical, legal, financial and accounting audits with the sole and specific purpose of studying the circumstances related to the relevant findings of the Statutory Auditor or with the identification of the main risks of the Company. Pursuant to the above, the Audits may be carried out at any moment upon request of a shareholder or group of shareholders, or upon request of the Legal Representative, properly reasoned and justified, and with the approval of the General Meeting of Shareholders. For no reason, as a pretext for the specialized audits, the violation of the Company’s rights, its information, industrial secrets, intellectual property, contracts constituting competitive advantages and, in general, any documents that are considered privileged or confidential or belonging to third parties, shall be allowed in accordance with articles 15 of the National Constitution and 61 of the Code of Commerce. Moreover, these shall not affect the autonomies of the Administrators according to their legal and statutory powers.

Specialized Audits

Financial Statements

The following are the Financial Statements for the period between January 1, 2019 and December 31, 2019.